Philips Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser Beertender Mini Keg Pump Hd3620/25 (Black / Chrome)


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Fresh, cold draught beer at home
Now you can start to enjoy a glass of fresh, cold draught beer at home.


Highlights & details


  • Active cooling
  • Min. beer temperature: 3 °C (at a max. ambient temperature of 32 °C)
  • For 6 litre kegs (height: 273 mm, Ø: 199 mm)
  • Airtight keg keeps beer fresh for 30 days (not included)



Fancy a cold one from the keg but don't want to head for the pub? Enter the Philips HD3620/25 home beer engine: high-quality draughts guaranteed.

LC display with beer gauge, thermometer and freshness indicator
The thermometer indicates when the beer has reached its optimal serving temperature of 3° C.The beer gauge monitors how much beer is left in the keg. The freshness indicator tells you for how much longer the beer won't go stale.

Wide range of brews available
Personalise the tap handle by attaching your favourite beer label. 

Maintaining hygiene standards – each keg comes with a fresh set of tubing
Any part coming into contact with beverage will be exchanged every time the keg is replaced. This ensures good food hygiene standards and high draught quality. You only need to clean the outside surface.



  • Disposable tubing helps to maintain good food hygiene standards
  • Original beer keg pump – solid insulation
  • Produces proper foam heads by keeping the required keg pressure constant
  • LC display with beer gauge, thermometer and freshness indicator
  • Opens at the front; empty kegs can be easily replaced
  • Hygienic fittings; new tubing supplied with each keg
  • Tap handle easy to remove (child-safe)
  • Removable drip tray (dishwasher-proof).